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11 Minimalist Mantras To Live By In 2020

As I started writing about minimalism and providing tips for living like a minimalist, I began noticing several themes. So, I thought I’d share them with you since, as before writing about minimalism, I had never put them into words before.

11 Key Phrases Every Minimalist Should Know

These are the 11 sure-fire mantras I live by as a minimalist that you can put to action in your own life. You can keep returning to them in the future when you are contemplating your next big purchase, or debating whether or not to get rid of your favorite sweater…from five year ago.

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1. "Versatility is your best friend."


2. "Thrifting is Life."

But it is just as much a skill. Check out my post on Learning How to Thrift, and your next trip to the store may just be a second-hand shop!

3. "Everything in Moderation."

Speaking of moderation, this brings me to the fourth mantra…

4. "Quality over Quantity."

One pair of good quality shoes is always better than three cheap pairs.

5. "With Value Brings Gratitude."

When we have less, we value more.

6. "Appreciate the Little Things."

Minimalism brings out the best with the least.

7. "Upcycle or Recycle."

We never only live just one life, we live many different lives through the experiences we have.

8. "Practicality Versus Reality."

If you can’t imagine it, you can’t afford to have it.

9. "Investments are Worth Their While."

Investments come with one price tag and benefit for years to come.

10. "Take Calculated Risks."

What’s life without a little risk, anyway?

11. "Live Outside Your Comfort Zone."

You’d be amazed that comfort is all relevant. And what’s relevant can change.

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One thing is for sure, minimalism is an incredible life-changing journey.

I would highly recommend trying out these mantras in your own daily life, especially for anyone looking for a cleansing experience.

Just by decluttering and donating a large portion of my household items, I noticed my mindset improve and I no longer stress about all the things in my life. I am so much more grateful for what I do have, and I am less affected by the things I don’t have.

If you’re interested to know more about how minimalism changes your life, or more specifically your shopping habits check out my post on the 13 Purchase Mistakes New Minimalists.

If you’re ready to get started on a path towards minimalism, check out my article on 10 Unessential Items to Dump and Declutter During Quarantine.

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