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6 Essential Tips for the Introvert Solo Traveler

I like to decompress in solitude, but I also find it very exhausting carrying on conversations with strangers. Can you relate? Yet, isn’t meeting and chatting with new people inevitable and what backpacking is all about? This “Who am I going to meet in this new city or hostel?”, is something I expect and genuinely always look forward to. As an introvert, it’s a difficult balance for me. These 6 tips have changed my life forever as an introverted traveler, and I know they can change yours too!

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5 Crazy Easy Ways To Downsize Like A Minimalist

Have you always envied the backpackers who travel the world carrying everything on their backs? Or the friend who moved across the country with only what could fit in the car? Minimalism is an art and a mindset. If you are looking to start your journey towards minimalism, but aren’t quite sure where to start, consider these five insanely easy ways towards minimalism.